Tankless Water Heaters

All About Tankless Water Heaters

Most homes feature water heaters that run on electricity and only have a 30 – 40 gallon tank capacity. This means that on busy mornings in most homes someone is most likely going to end up taking a cold shower. This is no fun especially if it happens to be winter. This does not have to be a scenario that is repeated over and over if you have a forced air furnace for heating. There are such things that can be added to these systems that are called tankless water heaters http://air-conditioning-calgary.ca/. When you have one of these all your family members and even guests can be assured to have a hot shower even when all your bathrooms are in use at the same time.

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?
A majority of forced air heaters work by burning oil, natural gas and liquid propane. All these fuels produce a very hot heat when burned in a very short amount of time; this makes them ideal for use with tankless water heaters. These fuels heat water so quickly that they can keep up with the pace of water flow through the system. This means that any home that has them has virtually an unlimited supply of hot water. This is great news for anyone who has been the recipient of a cold shower on a frosty winter morning because they were the last one into the bathroom.

How Do They Install?
Tankless Water HeatersMany people wonder how tankless water heaters can be added to an HVAC system that is already in place. To start with, a person will have to select a tankless water heater model that is compatible with their particular brand of forced air furnace. This makes the installation process much easier. They are added into the burner units of the forced air furnace and must also have a water line rerouted into the existing furnace system too. They will also have to have their electronic controls placed somewhere on the furnace unit and hooked up to the existing electricity. This is really all it takes to install these convenient and handy devices on existing HVAC systems.

Are They Energy Efficient?
Many people wonder if these tankless water heaters are energy efficient and worth the investment. The answer to that is yes in most cases. This is especially true in the colder months when the system is already producing heated air for the house. When this is the case the water that is used has basically been heated for free. Not a bad deal in any case. They also do not need to waste energy by reheating the same water over and over like is done to the water that is stored in a conventional electric water heat tank. So not only do these systems offer the great benefit of unlimited hot water they are really energy efficient to use too.

There really is really is a lot to like about tankless water heaters. Most anyone that purchases one will be very happy in the investment that they made.

Top Tips for Summer Plumbing

Plumbing Top Tips for Summer

Water problems and plumbing issues have the ability to take all the fun out of the summer time. Below are a few tips to consider that can save you on headaches and hassles.

The summer months typically translate into a lot more clothes that need washing. It is advisable to check the hose on a washing machine for any cracks, leaks or bulges. Washing machine hoses should be replaced every 36 months.

The washing machine should be positioned far enough away from a wall to avoid the hose from getting damaged or kinking. Your washing machine should never be left in operation mode when you are not at home.


When the weather is hot and humid the ductwork can sweat due to condensation. This has the ability to cause a backup when the drains are blocked or not clear. Leaks that occur in seams also have the ability to cause condensation.

Take caution in what is placed into the kitchen disposal after meal times. The majority of these disposals are not able to handle banana peels, celery and corn husks or other types of stringy or fibrous food types. Other food types to consider are cooking oils and fats as they can clog up your pipes.

Cold water run at a full pressure for at least 15 seconds should be used before using the kitchen disposal and after to ensure that all food particles are flushed out.

One way to save on energy and money while you are away on a vacation would be to turn your water heater temperature down and increase the temperature in your fridge. You should remove any perishable items from the fridge such as meat and dairy products.

•One of the best ways to make sure all plumbing systems in your home are in the correct operational mode is to arrange a routine maintenance inspection at least once a year. This will prevent costly break downs and a way to repair systems that are on the verge of failure.

Detect Fires Early Using Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors Detect Fires Early

The winter season in Canada can be brutally cold. Thus, Canadian families should invest in something that will keep them warm through the winter. Some families may have a boiler, others a woodstove, or a furnace, or heat pump. The modern home relays on modern indoor heating systems that can comprise of air conditioning units, smoke detectors, and other features. However, the system can malfunction if not well maintained and the smoke detector a common element in the system that is often overlooked. This piece offers some insights on smoke detectors and their importance in homes http://www.furnace-repair-edmonton.ca/.

The Risks Associated with Heat and Your AC System

Many of the home fires damages or even cases of death are preventable that is according to the Canadian First Safety Association. Where there is smoke, there is fire, and though the fire has to capacity to spread fast, smoke poses a greater danger. It has a chocking effect that makes it hard to breathe thus making it harder to escape. Hence, smoke detectors are an important part of any indoor heating and safety. It can alert homeowners of an eminent fire early before it grows bigger and spreads.

Smoke DetectorsThe best approach is installing smoke detectors in every room particularly in the bedrooms or at least have one on every floor so that everyone in the family can be alerted and take the necessary steps. The measures should be as an outcome of adequate evacuation procedure practices that every family member participates in to know what to do in the event of an emergency.

Early Detection Will Help React Faster to Emergencies

While the smoke detectors notice any smoke, it cannot notice any toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide. Therefore, you also should invest in carbon monoxide detectors to warn you in the event of a AC, and indoor heat system leaks toxic fumes. Going a bit techy, you should consider using something a bit advances such as the Nest Protect, which has a smart thermostat that can detect the source of smoke thus homeowners can know if it is smoke from a burning toast or a bigger fire emergency.

When all is said and done, prevention remains the best route than cure. You should have measures in place that prevent fires from starting. One the actions to keep in mind is ensuring that your heating system be it a furnace, heat pump, or boiler stays clean and is regularly serviced. Also, keep any flammable materials away from heat sources and use caution when handling any heating systems in the house.

Let Experts Service & Care For Your Heat And AC Systems

Though installing home detectors in an important, it will not be enough to ensure you are safe in your home. The only way to ensure this is by having your heat and AC systems installed, serviced and cared for by professionals.

Being Prepared for Common HVAC Emergencies

The Most Common Causes for HVAC Breakdowns

We can never know when emergency is going to strike. Unfortunately, a quarter of all households in Canada don’t have savings ready to help pay for an emergency HVAC repair should one be needed, according to recent studies. Among those who do have some cash prepared, half of them have less than a thousand dollars – certainly not enough to cover a new furnace. Read on to make sure you’re not risking getting stuck in a cold home if your furnace starts malfunctioning http://www.air-conditioning-edmonton.ca during the winter.

A faulty air conditioning and heating system was the most common of all home emergencies cited in the report – it accounted for a fifth of unexpected breakdowns. Some frequent causes of a furnace breaking down are:

-Faulty pilot or ignition
-Dirty filters
-Malfunctioning thermostats
-Wear and tear over time

Meanwhile, the most common HVAC unit problems are the following, according to the Ministry of Energy:

-Electric control failure
-Improper drainage
-Refrigerant leaks
-Sensor problems

HVACAn empty bank account leaves you in a very precarious situation if you happen to have a problem. Either you’ll go without air conditioning and heat – which, in many climates, is not really an option; borrow money from relatives, friends or banks – which may lead to a variety of complications including interpersonal problems and interest charges; or settle for a shoddy, cheap repair which may end up costing you a lot more over the long run. Instead, it is best to take the right steps to make sure you’re prepared to deal with a breakdown should one happen.

Avoiding Emergency with Your Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment

If you happen to experience one of the problems above, you could potentially end up on the hook for major repair bills, including needing to repair your entire AC unit or furnace. Follow the tips below in order to lower the risk of getting an emergency, and stay prepared in case one ends up happening:

-Keep your air conditioning and heat gear well maintained. If you make sure to perform maintenance regularly, you’ll decrease the chance of a breakdown and prolong your equipment’s life. It’s also more likely that you’ll have an advance warning in case one part of your system is starting to malfunction.

-Build up some savings: There is a wide variety of great reasons to put aside some of your check whenever you’re paid. Having cash ready to repair your furnace or air conditioning unit if they happen to fail in a bad time will grant you peace of mind and protect you from the elements.

Consider home warranty: If you purchase a maintenance program or warranty for your air conditioning and heat equipment, you can rest assured that the gear is going to be maintained in the best condition possible – and be protected in case it ends up breaking down.

Trust The Experts to Make Sure Your HVAC Remains Working

To schedule a tune-up for your air conditioning and heating system, or to get some emergency assistance, get in touch with a skilled HVAC technician right away.

Common Reasons for Needing Sewer Line Cleaning

Sewer Line – Common Reasons for It Needing Cleaning

Most everyone would like to avoid thinking much about maintaining or addressing issues with their sewer lines. This is because sewers tend to be dirty and off-putting, but the fact is that just about every home will require attention of this sort at one time or another. Nobody wants to find raw sewage infiltrating their interior spaces, due to the extremely foul odors and uncleanliness of such an experience. The following signals can be used to assess whether your sewer line require cleaning and help assess the reasons for repeated instances of clogging http://plumbers-edmonton.ca.

Two Key Signs That Your Bathroom Clogs Are Due to Sewer Line Issues

1. Be on the lookout for bubbling inside toilet bowls or gurgling sounds within sink drains.

The good news is that bathroom plumbing tends to let you know that there are issues that may require cleaning of the sewer lines. It may be that your toilet water will begin to bubble or your sinks will start making audible gurgles. More routine types of drain issues in these areas are unlikely to produce these sorts of symptoms.

2. Sewer line backups will introduce visible debris into bath and toilet water.

Sewer LineIf standard plumbing pipes have a backup, you are likely to see just clear water in the bath or the toilet bowl. This water is not going to have an odor to it either. However, when sewer lines are the issue, the water may contain debris, sand or sometimes human waste materials. If this happens, there is little doubt that a complete cleaning of the sewer lines is in order.

Frequent Reasons for Clogs in Sewer Lines

1. Root Systems

The roots of trees tend to grow within piping, and they can also take advantage of smaller cracks inside plumbing. When this happens, it can be tough to eliminate them with a routine sewer cleaning.

2. Larger Blockages

Excessive amounts of toilet tissue, sanitary products and other substantial materials that may have been flushed down toilets can produce major clogging that necessitates a sewer line cleaning.

The Process of Sewer Cleaning

When it comes time to clean out the sewer lines, it is essential to wear appropriate clothing. This is never a pleasant job, and the possibility of coming into contact with human waste is another reason why thorough protection is critical. Make sure to use rubber gloves, keep hair pulled back and use proper eye protection equipment.

Generally speaking, you will be able to find an access point for the sewer lines to your home. Then, you will have to take off the cap and start removing visible debris. Next, you will be able to start snaking from there. Because this is undoubtedly a messy, unpleasant and potentially hazardous task, it may be wise to enlist the aid of a team of professionals. These folks will have the experience, tools and expertise necessary to get the job done right and in a timely fashion. The added convenience of this sort of help may be entirely worth the cost.